Sew-along Days 5 to 7 – prolonged deadline

Oh, dear, some of the other participant in the Sew-Along have done already all the blocks. It is day 7 and I have finished design 6 of 12 plus those extras, that are to come.

Thank God Jewel Design Studio owner Julie Paster extended the deadline, it is now 5 days later on the 5th of February. That makes it possible for me to at least do all the embroidery. As I have never done the quilt as you go technique so I will probably need more time to assemble the blocks. But that does not matter I can finish the quilt during my next quilt-workshop in March. There I will have enough time and peace to sew, and someone to ask if I need help.

Originally the plan was to finish this sew along until the first deadline on the 30th of January and afterwards to the pillow for the contest by FruBlomgren. But now I have heard of the streetart event of artist Theodore Carter – „The night of 1000 Frida Kahlos“ on the 25th of January 2019. ). He aims for as many people as possible with a Frida Kahlo Hommage in a public place on that day. Isn’t that a gorgous idea? I really would like to participate with my Frida Kahlo pillow. Perhaps I might exhibit it at the primary school of my children?

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