Aren’t weekends wonderful inventions? They give room and time for the inspriring things in life, that are not possible during the daily routine.

What do you do at weekends to be inspired and refreshed? For me these things work:

  • waking up without alarm clock
  • having a nice breakfast, either with the family at home or with friends in a café
  • playing with the kids, watching a special film with them or even perhaps going on an excursion with them
  • reading, writing, embroidering or sewing in my little realm
  • baking waffles or cake
  • cooking a special meal
  • meeting friends
  • star gazing
  • sunshine

Oh, I am looking forward to all the long weekends that come during spring time.

P.S. On Monday Germany will be able to see a total moon eclipse in the early morning hours, the next total one will be in May of 2022. The Homepage Mondfinsternis lists all partial and full moon eclipses to be seen in Germany.

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