100 years of female suffrage in Germany

Today 100 years ago German women for the first time were allowed to vote. On the 19th of January 1919 the long fight was over after the decision of the Council of People’s Deputies on the 12th of November 1918 at the end of World War I.

Until then the German women were neither allowed to vote nor to study and have a good paid job. They were only allowed what their fathers’ or husbands’ granted them, the were socially and financially dependend on them. They even were not allowed to listen at political meetings and were not having the right of assembly.

With the first vote things began to change but slowly. It took another 50 years until women were allowed to open a bank account or start a job without the written consent of father or husband. And still there are many places where women are rather exotic – at the top of companies, in politics, are paid lesser wages than the men and have to step back when they have children.

So there is still work for us to do to improve fairness and equality if not for us then for our children!

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