Sew-along day 2 – Treacherous backside

Oh, I was so proud yesterday evening that I had finished my first piece of the Sew-along tablerunner. Well, and then I noticed today, that while sewing the back the temporary spray adhesive did not last and so the backing folded when I mounted the hoop. Oh, how , was my first thought.

The second thought then was, well, this is also a chance. As I have declared this sew-along as a learning project for me things are allowed to go amiss. And as I was disappointed that only the outer satin column shows in the back, this is my chance to mount the backing early so that both the two satin colomns and the pattern inbetween stitch also on the backside. Furthermore I would prefer greens in the tree to the turqouise that the color chart had proposed. Et voilá, this is my opportunity to change it, and I am happy about that. This way I like the colors more.

Though there are still some things in the execution that can be improved – stitching the words the bobbin thread showed on top and the christmas trees I had to do twice as I forgot to put in the colourful bobbin. Well, it is a piece to learn and learning I am a lot.

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