My first sew-along – Day 1

I have always been faszinated with the mythos of the 12 days of Christmas, and as I have liked English since the first lesson at school, I had to fall in love with the English Christmas carol „The 12 Days of Christmas“. When in the adventscalendars 2018 was a series to the 12 Days of Christmas, I had to collect it. Especially as the designs by Jewel Design Studio are so pretty

As a follow-up to the calendar the designer Julie Paster is offering a sew-a-long with these designs. You can make either a tablerunner or a quilt. For the tablerunner you are supposed to use the quilt-as-you-go method which I find quite intriguing. With this method you do every block with front, batting and back in the embroidery machine and after having done all of them they are assembled with the sewing machine.

Though the schedule of this contest is quite tough with only 15 days for at least 12 designs (additionally to the 12 days there will be during the contest more free designs) and the assembly of them, both the designs and the method are so intriguing. So I will go for it, and if I am not done by the 30th of January, I will not be dissappointed but happy to have already prepared something for my next quilt workshop in March.

Today I have started along with all other participients: I have cut fabric for the first 4 blocks and embroidered the first design – 1 partridge in a pear tree. The designs come in three sizes: 4 in – 5 in – 6 in. The center piece is the same but the frame differs. In the smallest version it is a simple satin frame, in the bigger versions there a two satin frames that have a pattern inbetween. I have chosen the middle size, as it fits perfectly in my 14cm square frame.

I really like the first stitched design, and I am curious how far I will venture during the next 15 days, especially as I want also to take part in FruBlomgrens Fridalicious contest that I introduced yesterday.

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