Fridalicious contest by FruBlomgren

I really do love the contests by FruBlomgren in her Facebook group as they challenge me and the work of the other participants is so inspiring. Winning is rather secondary to me but of course I was so happy when I won third prize last year with my cat dress.

Therefore I am so happy that the new year starts with another contest by FruBlogren. This time the task is to make a pillow in honor of Frida Kahlo – so it is a sewing and embroidering task. The main challenge for me will be to chose the designs! Marianne has so many wonderful Frida Kahlo designs: as a young girl, as woman, as a portrait, as an angel, as a mermaid.

Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) was a mexican painter, that survived badly wounded a bus accident – an iron handrail had impaled through her pelvis. For treatment she had to wear a plaster corset lying in bed. This is when she began painting. Her distress of soul and body is showing in her paintings. The mexican government declared her work to be national culture. More information about the interesting life and work of Frida Kahlo can be found at wikipedia or on „her“ homepage. 

Her life and work are a great inspiration to me, a rolemodel that inspite of her bad accident she enjoyed life and turned this misfortune into the fuel of her artistic endovors. Therefore I am looking forward to have a pillow with her picture. Deadline for the constest contribution is Monday the 4th of February. Until then I should be able to chose design and fabric.

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