Happy to go star singing on a gloomy day

For my children and me it is hard to get up early on a Sunday morning to be in time for the star singing. Especially when the weather is rather uncomfortable rainy – lucky that I managed to finish the new caps. But we are lucky and the rain stops in time. So the children and I wander singing around the block.

My little group is a good team: They know each other since Kindergarden, go together to school and have been star singers for several years. Every child has its role and they do not need the text that is pinned onto the star. Our rule is, that the children ring the bell and sing „Star above Bethlehem“. When the door opens they say their little poem – with intonation and every king presents himself with a little bow. If after 2 verses the door has not opened we go ahead. I trot behind the children like the camel of the kings packed with the bags. But I am happy about their singing and their pretty self sewn and embroidered costumes and jacket hiders.

Sometimes even cars stop and people come asking for the blessing, because they have missed the star singers in their village. All of them want the children to sing and play, being happy about them having fun.

After half of our way lies our home where we warm up a little bit with warm drinks and some sweets that people gifted. This year I also got a gift – for the first time in seven years! A very special one, that shows how much the older people of the village love our work: a wonderful crocheted placemat. And so the hardness of getting up and out made me very happy in the end.

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