For star singing warm ears are required

After my children got new star singer capes they also need new caps in the same colors as the capes – especially with weather forecast promising wind and rain on the appointed star singing weekend. Enough fabric is left and a nice pattern for a cap is also found already.

This is a beanie hat by pattydoo, even a freebie. My son insisted on a star applique. But this time I do it with my embroidery machine, which I did not have when making the first version of star singer costumes. The design that we liked most for the caps was also a free one by La Cocotte á carreaux.

The how-to-do-video that shows the sewing of every seam in full length does not take 6 min. Of course their used precut fabric so I had to add some time for cutting my fabric as well as for the embroidery which takes approximately 10 min. So I estimated 30 to 45 minutes to sew a beanie hat without hurry.

Well, that was a little too optimistic. For the first hat I needed one and a half hour – I would not have thought that. The second one was a bit quicker, but a little too small. My fault as I did use a non-strechable lining. What a pitiy. So I had to sew a third one. All in all it took me 4 hours to do 3 hats. And the openings for turning still wait to be closed. But now my eyes are too tired to do some hand sewing.

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