A self-made shelf for thread kones

When I started embroidering I did not knew that I would need so much thread. I had started with a thread case by Mettler Amann with 96 kones (200m). But such a kone is used quickly, at least with the more common colors like white, black, christmas red and green, ink blue. So I bought the bigger ones with 800m. But those did not fit into the holes of the thread case. What could be done about that?

Use the box without the case? The box would definitly take more kones then but I would be searching the color forever. So a box it could not be. I have seen drawers for thread but I do not have enough space for a drawer board. A thread holder to put on the wall would be another option, but those that can be bought are rather small. While I was pondering about using several of those my husband suggested he would make me a holder meeting my wishes.

O, what a wonderful hubby I have that supports my hobby so much! So we measured wall and cones, calculated and planned. The result is an invividual thread holder for 9 times 21 kones. My hubby had to cut 189 pieces for all the small thread stands – what an labour of love!

To stay tidy he made each shelf so high that I can put a cone with two matching bobbins in it. I added self made labels with thread numbers so that I can find easily where a cone is to be stored. To know which cone needs to be replaced I use bits of yellow sticking dots. If I have a color in stock I mark that with a bit of a green sticking dot. The size of that dot determins the size of kone.

To store the bobbin on the kone I have bought a couple of bobbin stands that fit into my cones. A very good investment!

And I think it is very fitting that in my room were self-made and self-decorated things are produced a self-made shelf is hanging and is decorative in itself.

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