First signs of the fifth season

Christmas and New Year are over and you already see the signs of the fifth season – Carnival. Costumes are discussed and even to be seen as the first carnival events take place. So a friend asked me if I would help her with her costume.

Of course I would, especially as I heard her wish: the cookie monster! This is my favorite monster from Sesame Street. And the idea of the costume was so easy: blue T-Shirt and a blue tulle skirt. As a higlight she wanted me to embroider the cookie monster’s face onto the shirt.

Of course, this cannot be bought as there is a licene onto Sesame Street. Instead I bought the eyes at RockQueen and digitized the mouth myself. Which is not perfect but good enough for the intended use. And I found a bitten cookie at EmbroiderLibrary – what a highlight!

I would have liked to do a blue bag to go with it, but that was not necessary as my friend got that as a present from another friend.

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