Festive table decorations

My friend has asked us, her friends, if we would decorate the tables for her big 50th birthday party. So the three of us thought and planned. We complement one another so well, having different ideas and ressources. One friend chose the theme and colors, the second brought from her incredible fundus vases and shells, while I as the third did the embroidering of free standing lace decorations.

We had chosen three designs by EmbroiderLibrary: a layered cake with candles fitting the occasion, a sea star fitting the decoration theme and an owl fitting the surname of the jubilee. The first two I did a dozen times and three owls as those will only mark the tables where family is supposed to be sitting.

I enjoyed doing the lace as it is so easy: fill the bobbin with the same thread as you will use on top, hoop wash away stabilizer and than stitch. Usually the design just stitches until it is ready – 45 min for a good 18.000 stitches.

Only once I had a birds’ nest and my machine „ate“ the stabilizer. Which was a bit sad as it was while stitching the 3rd of 4 designs. Reason of this was the combination of an old needle and a too loosely wound bobbin (I was in a hurry and so I forgot to wind the thread twice around the screw). So the the needle which was a tiny bit out of shape got caught in the bobbin thread and so caused the thread to make a capital birds’ nest.

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