Only thing left to do …

Having prepared the pinned bias tape yesterday I only wanted to quickly sew it today. But the machine did not want to do it. Either the bobbinthread crimped the material, ripped or did not come up at all. I became so frustraded that I almost wanted to stop the project entirely.

Finally I had the idea to look unter the needle plate if I could see where the problem was. Well, as soon as the plate was taken away the problem was obvious: too much lint! With my embroidery machine I am accustomed to clean it every three or four weeks but as I sew so little I am not used to clean my sewing machine. Though I sew with cotton thread which produces much more lint than my polyester thread that I use for embroidering. Quickly I cleaned the bobbin area with a Q-Tip and the machine went smoothly again. So I not only sewed the bias tape but also the seams at the sleeves.

What joy! Now both the star singer capes and the frocks below are ready. Now the children are only in want of new caps and perhaps crowns and I want a pretty star singer bag for me. That now seems possible to do for me in the remaining 9 days

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