Little sewing steps

Isn’t it the dream of every sewist to finish a sewing project in one day? Well, at least it is my wish. But my reality is different.

At the beginning of last year I had sewn frocks for my children to wear over their warm jackets in order to hide them so that the star singer capes will look better. As I had only little time I only did a serger seam at the collar, at the sleeves and the bottom. I thought that I would find time throughout the year to finish the frocks with seams as they should be.

Well, now it is only 10 days until the star singers will do their deed and I haven’t finished the frocks. At least I was able today to fix the bias tape with pins to do the sewing tomorrow. Hopefully I will get both sides done.

My children have chosen a contrast color for the bias tape just so that they have the same color combination in their frocks as they have with their capes: blue-white and gold-green.

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