Welcome 2019!

The weather forecast had said it would be rainy but it was dry and mild around midnight. So we could enjoy the gorgous fireworks our neighbors did. Traditionally a new year starts with good purposes, but I did not want to burden the new year with several of those, so I started with them already last year:

  • to sew besides the embroidering
  • to write this blog
  • to think and write about happiness

Having done some reflecting over my crafting during the holidays made me have another resolution:

  • Collect less and craft more!

As goals are supposed to be smart (specific – measurable – acceptable – realistic – terminated) this means to me:

  • to buy or collect designs and patterns only if I have a concrete idea what I want to do with it and if I do not have anything comparable
  • to finish my UFOs (unfinished objects):
    • wall-hanging with esoteric theme
    • star singer frocks to hide the warm jackets and perhaps some more star singer stuff
    • the dress Ibela by freuleins, the pattern that I won at FruBlomgrens embroidery and sewing contest last summer
  • My project bound fabric purchases on the last two fabric market visits before I buy new fabric on the fabric market in May
    • a new curtain in front of my shelves in my sewing room
    • a dress from the aquarell fabric
    • a leopard bag from Lisa Bees Name Fabric

But stop now. Of course I do have more ideas but to many goals would weigh to heavy on me and there is also still some life next to my crafting to be lived: family, job and houshold duties that need to be attended to.

And for my blog I also have some ideas that I want to pursue. Next to presenting my creative work and my Sundays thoughts on happiness I want to report on our travels and the development of my sewing realm. Also I want to work on my link-lists. Which other themes would be of interest to you? About what do you want to read?

What about your plans for 2019? Do you have resolutions? Which ones?

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