Bye, bye 2018

And again another year is over. Time to revue it a little. 933 design I have stitched, by 48 designers. Of some I only did one or two designs, of others some more. But of course I do have some favorites:

The most designs I have done were designs by Individual Pieces which is no surprise as I am part of the test stitching team. Almost a third of my embroidery was done with test stitching though a lot of the designs this year I liked so much that I used them even after the test stitching was over. Especially the series of embossed designs I liked so much that I not only did them on most of our towels but also most of the present for my children sports trainers were individualized towels, too.

Second on my favorites lists are the designs of EmbroiderLibrary being on every 9th piece of embroidery, mostly T-Shirts and since the autumn also pictures of the pretty ballerinas on my daughter’s wall. My favorite designs are those of FruBlomgren which I would like to do more often. They are so versatile adorning my table cloths, the star singer capes of my children, my cat dress with which I won third price in an embroidery contest as well as little zipper bags and big bags of mine.

Talking of bags, I love to stitch bags for us but also as presents (i.e. the keyboard zipper bag by Urban Threads). The blank zipper bags by RockQueen are so versatile as they can be adorned with any design fitting the recipient’s favor or any use.

I also used quite some designs that came with my machine mainly fonts. Though I also bought some fonts by Jolsons Designs which I used on the 3D-Bags by Individual Pieces.

But I did non only embroidery in 2018 but I also did some sewing which makes me very happy. My Scuba Marie dress and my cat dress I like most but also my second christmas quilt and of course the turtle bag make me happy. And that I infected my children with the love of sewing makes me very proud. My daughter still loves to sew T-Shirts with her friends inspite of her needle accident. And my son sleeps proudly under his pirates’ quilt.

I would have loved to to more … Let’s see how many of my ideas I can bring to life next year.

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