A journal for more gratitude

About a month ago I decided to write about happiness and lucky coincidences on Sundays. Such a happy coincedence is a blog post that I found a couple of days ago and that fits perfectly to my happiness theme.

Annemarie of A Stich a half writes on her FanBroideryBlog about her gratitude journal. Such a gratitude journal can help us in difficult times – and who does not have a hard time from time to time? – to better and faster live through such a phase. You may ask, how this may work?

Well, in our good times we can regularly (hopefully everyday) remind ourselves what good things happened to us and for what we are grateful. If we write this down into our gratitude journal than we can reread these notes when we are in need of some good vibes. Sciences has proven that these ponderings about our gratitude gives us at least seven benefits for our mental and physical health, our relationsships with ourselves and others. So why not take the trouble?

And there is little trouble indeed. I use a common calendar, where I take notes of good memories for example by sticking my theater and cinema tickets in it, or a nice postcard that I have receiced, or even a nice saying out of a lucky cookie.

Of course the benefit would be more if you not only write down for what you are grateful but also why. But I think the efford of thinking (and writing) about the reason to be grateful makes it harder to do it than just to acknowledge the source of it. What do you think?

I am grateful that I bought my embroidery machine and can with it decorate my everyday lifes pieces, i.e. simple fabric bags with the lantern signpost by Individual Pieces and font out of the machine and little design by other designers.

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