My little crafting realm

I am sitting in my little sewing room and listen to my embroidery maschine, while she is doing free standing lace. Next to my lies my cat purring. We both enjoy this quiet time in the evening. The puckering sound of my machine in quiet mode and the purring of my cat is like meditation to me. In such moments waves of gratitude and love for my husband flow through me as he made the aupair’s room into my little realm.

On a long table there is room for my three machines: embroidery machine, sewing machine and serger. On the self-made shelves there is room for my books on sewing and self-improvement. Below the table there is part of my material: zippers, buttons, thread, stabilizers, … stored dustfree in transparent boxes, so I can see what is insinde

The monitor was the aupair’s TV but also serves as monitor to my for my laptop when working in the homeoffice. As TV it only serves when I am ill as I barely watch TV since I discovered sewing and embroidering for me.

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