24 little doors at a 100 corners

24 day of exceptional circumstances – Instead of contemplentativeness gathering fits! Advent calendars everywhere. Of course there were the sweet ones at home but also a lot of calenders online for embroiderers and sewers:

  1. 10’s Embroideries – daily a little free embroidery design – accessible not only on that day but also later
  2. Bernina Blog – daily a little tutorial for a nice do it yourself project, sometimes with a little embroidery design – all still accessible as they are regular Blog posts as in the years before
  3. Cyncopia – täglich eine kleine freie Stickdatei
  4. Die Ebookmacher (via Facebook)- daily a little embroidery design free only on that day
  5. Embroidery designs and beyond (via Facebook) – did 2 times a 12 days of christams designer hop
  6. Farbenmix – a 12 day Sewalong for a nice bag followed by 12 days of tipps and inspiration
  7. FruBlomgren (via etsy)- daily a pretty embroidery set for small money (30% of the later price), this year with an angel theme – and after I loved the designs last year so much on my seasonal table runner and the star singer capes, I collected angels this year to stitch them some time in the future
  8. Individual Pieces (via Facebook) – here there were either free embroidery designs or sale on special products – by the way this posts picture shows pot mats that I test stitched while I was collecting the other designs
  9. Stick-Elli – here there was a special sale on on product each day – though some of the products I really liked but did not buy as I was so fed up with designs that I could not buy more
  10. Stickzeit (via etsy) – a calendar to buy with designs not only for christmas – but as I had already so many calendars I did not buy this either though there were some pretty designs in it
  11. … and there were a lot of more, but I coud not do more and I needed no more.

Huh, this calendar hunt did stress me, to collect everyday the goodies, not to forget the freebies that come without being christmas time that I collect, too. Now I have a whole big bunch of new ideas, patterns and embroidery designs.

But where do I get the time needed to to all these? Not to mention to catalogue all of them? Because of all the collecting I had no time for cataloguing them, and of course they want to be done…

Not to mention all my patterns and the fabric stash …

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