Happiness is – to have good friends

Sunday is fairy tale day, and the „happily ever after“ makes me feel happy. But in real life I have learned that nowadays happily ever after is rarely the case. In former days wars or illnesses often ended marriage prematurely. Of course this also may happen today but rarely. More often partners, that once swore eternally love to each other, divorce, perhaps because the daily routien is not so glorious as it sounds in the fairy tales. Marc and Philipp Dittberner sing about this in „Wolke 4“ (cloud 4).

Their suggestion for long happiness is to bury the big days under small things and say it is the moment, that counts. You may argue about what are the big days in life and which are the small things. I have discovered for me that I only remember scraps of everything. A word here or a gesture there. Often I did not recognize a moment of happiness while it lasted only in retrospective.

Today I sat together with some friends and we were debating over a birthday card what we had done together. The more we rememembered the more we were reminded of nice adventures we had together. And today with our breakfast in that little café and the following present making afternoon will be though uneventful one of the happy moments. Not because of the good coffee or the nice sandwich but because of our interesting talks, because we can work together with little talk and still accomplish great things, and because of our reminiscenting earlier happiness.

And now I will go to bed with much gratitude and happiness in my heart.

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