It is the season – for presents

Since my embroidery machine moved into the house we all love to give embroidered gifts. But with selfmade presents you never know how the recipient will receive it. I have learned that some people do not see any value in selfmade things. I guess it is those people who do not have a making hobby and do not know how much time and work is needed for such presents. Lost labour of love.

But there are also those who love such indivual and rare presents. Like the family that invited us to for a seasonal singing event. As our thank-you the mother will get a bag for her mobile phone (blank by RockQueen) in her favorite colour adorned with a design meeting her passion for Russia (design by EmbroiderLibrary). I know she wants one as she wanted to buy such a bag at the seasonal market at school but she was too late – all of the bags were sold out.

And her son, my son’s friend, will get a belly bag (by Individual Pieces) for all those things that man needs for adventures. And as boys love little secrets I have hidden a pretty star (also by Individual Pieces) behind the founded bag that only the wearer will see when using this founded bag. Another nice detail is the rainbow zipper. My son likes the bag so much that he ordered one for himself …

Isn’t giving a great fun?

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