The best present ever

Some time ago I have decided to write on Sunday about my little and big happiness, but today I received such a wonderful gift from my daughter that I cannot wait until next Sunday to write about it.

My very creative daughter wrote a poem for my birthday on an artful card. Isn`t that marvellous? With the card went a self-made medaillion out of ironing pearls. And my son also made two medaillions.

These lines touched my heart deeply (translated by me literally though the rhymes are lost through this process):

Dear Mum,
I do love you.
You are like a song
With your own melody,
Touching, strong and wonderful,
With your own phantasy.

Some say „I CAN DO IT!“
But you say „YOU CAN DO IT!“
You make me strong,
Your flesh and blood,
But I do nothing,
I am to blame.

For you being angry every evening,
Though you love me so much.
I want to do something to show you
That you are imporant to me
In good times as well as in bad ones.

I thank you
For all you give,
For your love, your time, your wonderfulness,
And when I will leave, one day,
You will be in my heart for ever …

From your daughter
For the best mother of the world
You are my elixier of live, without you I would not be …

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