Star singer capes, version 2

Unfortunately my childeren are grown out of their star singer capes after four years. Therefore I had to sew new ones a the beginning of this year. This time they chose faux velvet for the outside and a mardi gras sateen for the inside. My daughter chose classic blue and white, my son green and gold.

After liking my seasonal table runner with FruBlomgrens nativity scene so much they wanted the three holy kings with camel on their capes. This way everyone would see immediately that they are star singers. Said, done. Again I designes my own pattern. This time with a long collar like the capes in former times. This way the inside will show better. And instead of closing the cape with a string I used a wide elastic strap as the string used to open while walking. After cutting I did the embroideries using the scraps from the last and this capes.

Do these capes with the kings and camels not look fabulous? What a pity that they are only worn on two or three days per year.

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