Oh, dear – a misdone embroidery piece

Quickly I wanted to do a little Ballerina while tiding the kitchen. As the Ballerinas so far stitched beautifully I did not thought a basting stitch necessary. And I left the machine alone to do some household chores. Well, I better had not! While stitching the first colour the thread got cought around the foot and so while moving to another position the foot pulled the fabric out of the hoop. What a pity! At leat it did happen with the first colour, it would have been more akward had it happened later.

So, I hooped new fabric and started stitching again, this time with basting stitch and staying with the machine. As soon as I saw that the thread being caught, I stopped the machine, used my pair of scissors to loosen the thread and embroidered further. Later the tread made long slipknots on the bottom and the top. Probably the needle was too used. After cleaning the fabric from most of the loops I added a piece of stabilizer under the hoop with temporary spray adhesive so that none of the left over loops would be in the way. Without any further problem it stitched on.

And so the little christmas ballerina is now ready and pretty! Now I have to do the angel and the snowflake Ballerina, then these three can replace the autumn ballerinas. It it time for that!

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