Happiness is – to reminisce about a journey

Our weekend was dominated by my daughter’s preparation for her big presentation at school tomorrow. Her geography teacher allowed her to choose our journey to South-Africa in 2017. Therefore we have been browsing through our 6.000 pictures for days. Of course it was difficult for her to choose pictures from this abundance and so she asked us parents for help. Not that it was much easier for us to choose.

But this task reminded us of the details of our journey, of unique adventures and woke our enthusiasm for the wide landscapes, the beautiful wild animals, the good food. Of course we also expirienced also some not so nice things such as the great sleepiness after the long flight, the unexpected coldness (as it was winter there) especially in the mornings, the apartheid that is still to be seen and felt, the hardship of the living in townships in contrast to the luxurious tourist hotels. But the nice expirience was stronger. And so working at the presentation made us all happy. Happy, that we can make such interesting journeys possible for our childrend (and ourselves of course) and that it was such a good expirience.

Though we could finally agree on only 100 pictures on 35 slides it still will be the longest presentation of her class. I hope that the teacher is prepared for that, as the other children so far did 10 to 15 minutes in group work. And my daughter wanted to bring lots of material to show and touch: a big map, our wall calendar, mother’s africa quilt, our books about traveling and animals, the decorated ostrich egg, our ostrich feather duster. That was a little to much for me, and so she will only take the map and pin pictures so that the others will now at which station of the journey she is while talking.

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