24 little doors

From today (not only) the children are excited. There is daily a little door to open and when the last one is open it is finally christmas. My daughter has grown out of the age of Lego or Schleich calendars. Therefore I had to pack little packages myself. Originally I had planned to stich a little bag for each day but then I had so much to do at work that I had no time for that during the week. Fortunately I cannot throw away the pretty crafted obejcts that my children do and so I had still a calendar in the cellar that my daughter had made 2 years ago for her parents that I could use. She was so happy.

Of course there was still something embroided: a sheath filled with little chocolates (ordered at BärenCompany ). The call for test stitching the sheath and the optical illusions font came just in time by Individual Pieces!

And as just love this little advents calendars I have done and given away 12 today: Our postman that has to bring a lot of parcels to us at the moment was very happy. Also the ballet trainers that are doing extra hours at the moment so that the nutcracker performance in 6 weeks time will be perfect received one. My friends who are doing 2 or 3 calendars themselves for their childeren got one with throat drops to keep the throat healthy in this cold weather. Of course my husband, my son and the best friends of the children also got one.

And for me there are several calenders without calories: free embroidery designs by IndividualPieces und Cyncopia as well as sewing ebooks by Die Ebookmacher. Wonderful!

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