My little crafting realm

I am sitting in my little sewing room and listen to my embroidery maschine, while she is doing free standing lace. Next to my lies my cat purring. We both enjoy this quiet time in the evening. The puckering sound of my machine in quiet mode and the purring of my cat is like meditation to me. In such moments waves of gratitude and love for my husband flow through me as he made the aupair’s room into my little realm.

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Under the mistletoe

There is a lot of good embracing and kissing to be had under the mistletoe. And as our real mistletoe is loosing one by one his berries and leaves I embroidered one for us (design by Individual Pieces) to use the whole year. Why only do all the embracing and kissing only during the season?

Happiness is – to find the last piece of the puzzle

We usually do no puzzles at home, so I do not know what came over me when I bought puzzles for my children for christmas. Well, it must have been the picture with 3D effect of the galloping horses that I tought would make a nice picture in my daughters bedroom. And when the daughter gets a puzzle the son needs to get one, too. Furthermore he does love his lego and I tought that puzzling would be similar, so I chose a taxi puzzle also with a 3D effect.

Well, unpacking these presents the children were not raving with happiness but at least they sat down at the dinner table to start puzzling. When we wanted to eat several hours later they were far from being finished. How on earth should we have dinner with all these pieces on the table?

Then I remembered my cutting mats that I did not need during the holidays. They would make a gorgous puzzel mat! The pieces do not slide on them, and the mats are stable enough to move them elsewhere without disrupting the puzzle on it.

Three days the four of us worked on the two puzzles. Sometimes deeply depressed because we did not find any suitable piecs so that we believed that some of the pieces went missing. I would not have thought that the 3D effect would make puzzling so difficulat. The colour on the pieces seemed to be so different from the little picture and from what they appeared when placed. And there were so many similar pieces – the sky and the water in the horse picture, the greys of the taxis background. And the motorblock was quite difficult, too …

At other times we were happy when we did find severel pieces in a row and could finish little parts of the picture. Finally that happiness and the pride when we finished each puzzle. How we danced through the living room!

Happiness is – to have good friends

Sunday is fairy tale day, and the „happily ever after“ makes me feel happy. But in real life I have learned that nowadays happily ever after is rarely the case. In former days wars or illnesses often ended marriage prematurely. Of course this also may happen today but rarely. More often partners, that once swore eternally love to each other, divorce, perhaps because the daily routien is not so glorious as it sounds in the fairy tales. Marc and Philipp Dittberner sing about this in „Wolke 4“ (cloud 4).

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It is the season – for presents

Since my embroidery machine moved into the house we all love to give embroidered gifts. But with selfmade presents you never know how the recipient will receive it. I have learned that some people do not see any value in selfmade things. I guess it is those people who do not have a making hobby and do not know how much time and work is needed for such presents. Lost labour of love.

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