Christmas present production – mens’ pillows

Only 25 days until christmas. If you want to give selfmade presents than you have to start earlier with the production than you need when you buy online. A very pretty present that you cannot buy in a shop are the small „mens’“ cushions. Mens cushions what is that you may ask?

Well, these are little cushions for the sofa which keep the important things that a man needs for a good TV evening on the sofa: the „force“ (= the remote control), something to nibble, when ill perhaps some hankerchiefs. Filling and the pillow case with two or three pockets are stitched completely in the biggeset hoop. Though I chose for the pillow case a very thick fabric so that my machine had to fight at the last layer.

This nice idea is by Individual Pieces. Addiontionally I added some designs by other designers on the backside to meet the recipients personality (foxes by EmbroiderLibrary, musical designs by EmbroideryDesigns).

And if you ask me these little pillows are not only for men. When the present making and the holidays are over I will make one for myself: hankerchiefs, book (and perhaps chocolate).

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