Star singers

Today the preparation group for the star singers 2019 started. Though it is already the 7th year for my children they are still very fond of it. This tradition started six years ago when the my daughter’s class teacher inspired the children for this honorary office.

During the first year my daughter wore a cape out of the church’s stash. But there were some children with capes that their Grandparents had provided that were prettier than the ones of the church. Therefore my daughter asked me to sew her a cape for the second year. Of course the little brother wanted one, too, and join her.

Gladly I fulfilled this wish. Happily they chose their fabrics in the fabric shop: a dramatic outside and a warm fleece for the inside. My daughter chose classic red-white but my son wanted gold and camel. I was sceptical about his choice of colours and fabrics but of course I obeyed his choice. After finishing I must admit that he did chose wisely.

As it is cold outside when the children go singing in January they also got fitting caps. On his camel-coloured cap my son wanted to have star appliqued which I did with the sewing machine as I did not own an embroidery machine back then. The band with the star singers motto that the children should wear at their wrists we put on the caps so they could not loose them. After the star singing was over there were a couple of band left, so we took another 2 to use them as hangers on the capes.

In the preparation group the children make paper crowns decorated with a lot of glitter. But one year it was so humid while singing that the crowns went apart after a few meters. The children were very sad about this and asked me, if we could not sew crowns for the next year. But then my embroidery machine moved in and so we did crowns out of free-standing lace. Of course these crowns also had to be adorned with glitter. The cateye stars that the star singer get as well as the star singer button were both integrated into the decoration of the crowns.

Two very pretty star singers who sing and play act by heart at every door on their way!

But sadly, sadly the children grow and grow out of their clothes, so that at the beginning of this year new capes had to be made. But that is a different story for another day.

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