Quick Potholders

A couple of days ago I did not see that the oven was still on as I left my potholders on it. While decking the table the potholders were carbonized (thank god they did not burn!). So I had to throw them away and I neede new ones. Of course, there are pretty designs for ITH potholders, i.e. by Individual Pieces. But I am kneedeep in christmas preparations, so there is no time for unplanned and time consuming potholders.

But then I found some simple grey potholders at IKEA that only needed to be embroidered. At the same time Individual Pieces asked me to test-stitch some new, quick stitched but dramatic designs. What a nice coincidence!

I put the ready potholders onto washaway stabilizer using temporary spray adhesive. On the bobbin I wound the same colour that I wanted to use on the top, and then only 15 minutes later these 2 sassy potholders were ready.

On the backside the potholders look fine too as I used colored thread in the bobbin though of course the words are in mirror writing. In the picture the water soluable stabilizer is still to be seen that I will wash away after writing this post.


Perhaps I should have embroidered the designs diagonally so that you can see them better when the potholders are hanging. Next time I will try this. Because as the potholders are so cheap and so quickly stitched I certainly will do them more often to decorate my kitchen fitting to the season.

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