A good day

When we were reading our Sunday evening fairy tale my daughter asked what „and they lived happily ever after“ meant. A very difficult question! What is happiness?

Are you automatically happy when you are married to your favorite person? No, probably not, otherwise there would not be so many divorces? People seldom talk about happiness rather they rant about what is bad: having health issues, that the fuel is so expensive, that you cannot buy strawberry joghurt at the moment, how stupid politician XY is and so on.

But christmas time has started, which is called in Germany „the contemplative time“ though there is much stress and hectic during that time. Therefore I made up my mind to contemplate on Sundays abouth what makes me happy and how I can concentrate more on being happy.

Today I start with the obvious: I love to do machine embroidery. Therefore I stitched a picture for my favourite room meeting my intention: Today is a good day to have good day (design by EmbroiderLibrary).

As a reward I made myself a very good cup of tea. The green one from China, that the husband of a dear friend gave me the other day. This tea smells and tastes a little bit of fruit, though it is pure green tea. With closed eyes I enjoy the taste of tea and it reminds me of the journeys, that we did: Thailand, Hongkong, Ceylon (that now is named Sri Lanka), …

But these picture soon are replaced by memories of our summer holidays in Danmark with the children, as I hear their merry voices next door. Nice memories float through my mind, memories of wandering through the dunes, of Legoland, of the wikings museums and the strolling around flea markets. As I open my eyes to fill my cup again, they fall onto a little heart, that I bought at the fleamarkekt in Tarm last summer. It is a traditional danish christmas ornament, that now embellishes my sewing room and reminds me of the wonderful times.

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