Black Friday

Yesterday was Black Friday, when in America are big sales (usually not in Germany). And indeed also many of the American embroidery designers had good offers. At Julias Needle Designs for example you coult buy the sets that are $10 usually for 25ct. Incredible! Though I have quite some sets I still had to buy more. 15 did I buy: Zodiac, optic illusions and others.

Of course my favourite designers EmbroiderLibrary and Urban Thread also had offers, and I could not resist. As if I did not have enough desigs to do several new designss each day for the next 2 to 3 years without the need of buying new ones. But I say to myself, that is already preparation for my retirement in 20 years.

I also bought pattern. I treated myself at XOXO Lauren as there is a 19% coupon until the end of November. My siren tote was such a big success. I had intended to start sewing today but after the shopping marathon yesterday I needed a day off.

Therefore I only did a simple design on a pyjamas. I thought the single rose, that Urban Threads offered for free in March, matches the fabric design. With that I surely will have sweet dreams.

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