Workshop Day 3: Esoteric wall hanging

In spring I did some test stitching for Indiviudal Pieces. I liked the esoteric themed designs so much that I decided to do a wall hanging for our sleeping room which I wanted to finish during the latest quilt workshop. But I planned to much especially as my daughter had a little needle accident while I was working on it.

But that does not matter as the next workshop is already planned for March. Until then the pieces will hang in the sleeping room with magnets. This way I can enjoy already my work and be inspired how to work on. I already discovered that I have to exchange one design. When I stitched in Mai I wanted to do Yoga, so I put the design „do Yoga“ for motivation in it. But since then I booked a course im Qigong, which I like. So it has to be „do Qigong“ instead.

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