Workshop Day 3: christmas wall hanging no. 2

In preparation for the November Quilt Workshop last year I had planned a christmas wall hanging with more designs than I could realize. But I liked all of them so much, that I did one last year with half of the designs and a second one with the others. And I actually finished my quilt on Sunday. I had chosen the colourful Victorian designs with more than 70.000 stitches each, 25 colour changes and therefore more than 3 hours of pure stitching time. As contrast I chose one colour designs in the candle wicking style with only 20.000 stitches each and one hour of stitching time. As I child I loved to do real candlewicking.

For the special effect of this design cotton thread no. 20 should be used. I did and noticed how much lint this thread produces. After every design I had to clean the whole machine, top and bottom. Futhermore I had to clean the design and the fabric with washi tape. But the work was worth the effort as I think. The white drops on the dark red fabric just pop.

Surely I will do more designs in this style. EmbroiderLibrary has designs with an underwater theme …

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