Workshop Day 3: ballet quilt

After the fright from yesterday is over, I now can show and tell you about the very good sewing result from my daughter.

When my daughter chose her 6 or 7 fabric for her quilt half a year ago to my surprise she wanted to have pink colours together with white and turquoise. I was surprised as she prefers blue to pink so far. But I liked her harmonic choice of fabrics and colours but why did she want to have solid coloured fabric to her pretty patterned ones?
„Mum, you need to embroider these with nice ballet designs!“

What a good idea, as I have been collecting dozens of nice ballet designs by various designers over the past two years, more than she will ever be able to wear T-Shirts.

During the first workhsop she discussed the design of her quilt top with the teacher and me. The result was that she wanted to do 3 pieces of 3 by 4 squares and than combines these 3 pieces with longer stripes. This she would do twice and combine them with a very long stripe. But at the end of the workshop we omitted this last stripe for the sake of less trouble while embroidering.

In order to give her pleasure from her work before it is completed we pinned it with magnets at her room’s wall so that it hung behind her barre. So she had fun with it each time she did her stretching exercises. Furthermore she was reminded that she wanted to embroider some of the squares. Over all she embroidered 18 of 72 fields mainly with designs by embroiderers and Ann the Gran but also one of EmbroiderLibrary, UrbanThreads and Julias Needle Design. Shortly before we were done we exchanged two designs as the pretty ballet font by StitchDelight had to be on the quilt after we had done the teststitching for the flower waltz. As thread my daughter chose 3 shades of pink and turquoise, anthrazit and white by Smart Thread. For half a year they sat in a box of eggs next to the machine. Finally I can put them back on the shelf.

During the last half year we embroidered at the weekends and did the last embroidery (which was the quilt label) the evening before the workshop. After joining the last three pieces for the front there was only the sandwiching to be done and two rows of quilting.

We are very happy with the result! As there was still some time before the end of the course she wanted to use her fabric scraps to sew a pillow case and a bag for transportation. And she would have finished it but for her little needle accident… hopefully this has not ruined her joy of sewing, that would be a pity.

Tomorrow I wil give an account of my results …

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