Workhop Day 3: An unexpected ending

For today was planned that I introduced the quilts that my daugther and I finished today. Well, they actually are done but as life is something else happened that occupies our thoughts at them moment so that I will write about that instead. But this is only for people with strong nerves. If you cannot see blood, do NOT read on.Well, daughter and I started well slept and fully motivated into the workshop. Therefore we managed to finish our quilts until lunch. Afterwards we wanted to do some further work. She wanted to make a fitting pillow case and a bag for transportation. I wanted to work on my second wall hanging. Happily we worked. She only had to do 2 long seams and I went into the neighboring room to sort my quilt pieces. Then suddenly Christa, the teacher stood beside me and said: „ Please come, your daughter has a problem with the needle.“

Immediately I knew what she meant and ran back. My poor daughter. She was sitting very brave next to the sewing machine. The needle was through the tip of her middle finger. Seeing me she started to cry. Oh dear, what was to be done? I tried to get the needle out of the machine, to pull it out of her finger. But this was not so easy. My hands were not so calm as I would have wished. And I was impatient, too, to pull the needle out of my daughter’s finger. Tears were running down her cheeks and I think the teacher’s eyes were wet, too.

Hot waves went through me. My daughter was so brave, tried to hide her pain behind esprit and was sorry that she was so troublesome. I wanted to go to the hospital with her immediately but there were only 30 min left of the course and until then all our stuff should be in the car: the two quilts, 3 big bags with tools and fabrics, my good sewing machine. The caretaker suggested to call the ambulance, so that the paramedic could pull the needle out. A very good idea.

While we were waiting I alternated between holding my daughter and packing our stuff. At last the two paramedic came and at first they were amused by their notice but when they saw my daughter with the needle through her finger and the sewing foot attached they became very quiet. No, they could not do anything but taking us to the university clinic. So I had to call my husband who came to pick our stuff up and meet us at the hospital afterwards.

The young doctor at the clinc did neither know sewing nor could he speak German so well. His first idea was to cut the „wire“ with a pair of scissors. Then he asked me to remove the plastic from the sewing foot so that he could work better. I suggested instead to administer some anesthesia to the finger first and then use diagonal pliers. A suggestion which he follewed. After the injection my dauhger said to him: „You are certainly a good doctor, but please call the head of department now.“ Her scream will follow me into my dreams for days to come.

Then he fetched a medical bolt clipper. I was worried to death that he would cut her finger as well as the needle. But we were lucky, while he tried to position the clipper the sewing foot fell off the needle so the needle could be pulled out easily.

Afterwards the docter had the glorious idea to pull out her fingernail as well in order to stitch the damage in the nail bed. I asked him to confer with the head of department who was of my opinion that this would be too drastic. A patch was enough. And a x-ray to check if the bone was damaged. But everything was well and so we could go home finally.

Oh, what a day. First thing tomorrow I will buy some diagonal pliers in order to be capable of acting myself next time – of course hoping that there will be no next time.

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