Workshop Day 2: pirates’ quilt

My childeren loved my africa wall hanging and my first christmas wall hanging so much, that they wanted to sew their own quilts. So they joined me at the workshop in March. But the time only allowed cutting the fabric and piecing part of the front. Now during the November workshop they want to finish their quilt. Today my son accompanied me. Busily he joined the part of his front though straigt seams are not yet his friends. I had to undo several seams as they were too bend. He was very brave and redid everything without grumbling.

During lunch break we had to buy the fabric for his backside. In our fabric shop we found the perfect one! Jeansblue with white pirate heads. And for sale. What luck! As we could not prewash it anymore we ironed it long with steam before basting the quilt sandwich. For the filling we used a fleece blanket from IKEA. With the backside fabric we made a frame on the front. And of course there had to be an embroidered quilt label matching the theme of the quilt.

Oh, we both were so proud! He was proud of his pretty work – an me of course, that he wanted to sew at all, that he stay over so long a period with his project and that his quilt is so nicely coloured. Now he even wants to do a pillow case and a bag out of his fabric scaps. But now it is time for bed. And of course he has to sleep under his self-made quilt – no other blanket was allowed.

His big sister is envious that he is done and she not yet. But we believe she will finish hers tomorrow. Let’s see if I will be able to finish at least one of two projects.

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