Workshop Day 1: Crazy Patchwork

Finally the long awaited first day of our workshop has arrived. With 3 bags and my sewing machine my daughter and I went to the course. Now three hours later we are quite exausted, and I am a little disappointed. Again I have  planned to much. I had thought that I could be done with my christmas quilt this first evening. But in fact I have only done the frame around the pictures. I could have done more, but I forgot to bring the fabric for the backside. Well, I thought then I could work on my esoteric quilt, but oh no, I forgot to take the already sewn pieces at the wall of my sleeping room. And so I had to cut my christmas placemats, what I wanted to do at the end of the course if there was still time.

At least my daughter did a good job. Her quilt top is ready, the filling is cut and we have a plan for the quilt sandwich. We hope that she will finish her work on Sunday – as she will go dancing tomorrow and instead her brother will go sewing with me. Hopefully I will be able to sew tomorrow and finish at least one of my quilts.

Furthermore I admired the quilt of our trainer Christa which I was a allowed to portrait here – thank you! Isn’t the choice of colours gorgous? The colours are so shiny. And I just love the crazy patchwork but I am still to shy for that. I need to do straight seams. And the ability of sewing she has you can see in the perfect seams. Oh, I wish that I will be there one day …

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