Tool transportation in style

Since a couple of days we are busy preparing for ower upcoming quilt workshop that will start tomorrow. It will be my fourth and the second with my children. My friends keep asking me, what needed to be prepared. Well, we want to go there in style, so we need our own material and tools, and of course one or other bag to carry everything.

For example we need small zipper bags for our tools. Each child has one of its own in its favorite colors, made from the crafting series by RockQueen and of course with French texts to motivate the children to learn French at school. The orange bag with the crafting dab sceletons is my tool bag, that I made while test stitching the designs for Indiviual Pieces.

And then everyone of us has an IKEA-box for the quilt material. In order to transport these boxes easier they are put into an upcycled pastic bag. Though still functional it was not pretty to look at. So I tore it apart, quilted the pieces with cotton fabric, quilted and embroidered these and put them together again. Now this bag is my brave companion to sewing sessions and shopping tours at the fabric market. The text on it says „I am going to town to buy something against my headache … fabric or so“. I had seen this text with shoes, but as I prefer buying fabric to shoes, I changed it and set it in my editor with the pretty and free sewing font by Bernina Blog and a font of my machine. The clothesline and the quilt designs are by EmbroiderLibrary and the „ShoppingQueen“ by RockQueen.

Oh, we hardly can await tomorrow!

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