When guinea pig meets windmill

A year ago I wanted to do a double sided Christmas wand quilt in a patchwork quilt workshop. But as I have already told here, I found that my choice of designs was taking too much time. So I had done a single sided Christmas wall hanging and thought, that I woud finish the second one during the workshop in March. But as it is with life things work out different from our plans. My children were so fond of my Africa and my christmas quilt that they wished to accompany me to do their own. I was so proud and happy that I let them come with me.

Then at the beginning of March I was not feeling like doing christmas stuff, so I started to sew a so called windmill bag with my test pieces from the testing the guinea pig designs by Individual Pieces. I had seen such a bag in a sewing group and the name tempted me to try the pattern. Immediately I googled and found a very easy desciption and pattern at Smilla Berlin Blog. Futhermore this project with its 15cm by 15cm small pieces was perfect to sew myself and help the children with their project at the same time. Though having been sewing with them these last 6 years it is too seldeom as that they could do everything on their own. Especially such a big project as a patchwork quilt need much help from me.

Well, in the afternoon of the second day I had finished my new bag and as soon as it was ready it was my daughter’. „Mama, that is the perfect bag for my ballet stuff!“ How could I resist?

Then I still had some time for my christmas quilt but I could not finish ist. But also the children though being very concentrated and eager could not finish their projcts. So we instantly booked the next workshop for this November. And now we are eager preparing for next Friday, when the workshop starts: the last embroideries on my daughter’s quilt, the labels for the childres’ quilts, the last embroideries for my project. Instead of working meanwhile on my christmas quilt, I started another project. But more on this in the following days.

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