And suddenly there were …

a whole bunch of designers.

When I began with machine embroidery I had thought this is a rare hobby. But now after two years I am astonished how many designers there are out there. Of almost 200 designers from all over the word I have collected designs. And I was also astonished that there are not only european and American designers but also in New Zealand and Africa. Of course the English speaking facebook groups are very international – there you can meet embroiderers from the Philippines, from India, Brazil, Canada …

In the German embroidery groups people mainly show the design by German speaking designers and the very big American designers as EmbroiderLibrary and Urban Threads, as I have shown here my Africa-Quilt, my first Christmas-Quilt, our traveling shirts and the flower ballerina series. I admit that I neglect the small designers. Therefore I have resolved to do more projects with designs by them. And as in the Facebook-groups there is often askey which designers there are and who is offering free designs, I will introduce the designers here one after the other and collect them on a link page.

Today I start with ITH by Sher. A couple of month ago I saw an advertisement for a free design by Sher. The shown design was a 10x10cm sized zipper bag decorated with USB sticks and SD cards and I loved that immediately. Not only nicely packed but also the purpose visible that would be so practical for my sticks and cards. So I got the freebie and ordered the newsletter. Since then I receive one weekly, as Sher introduces her free designs there. Yes, designs, as there is always one design for embroidery and one pattern for sewing. When I finally did that little bag I realized how many sticks and cards I actually have, as they did not fit in that purse. So I got the bigger 13x18cm version and now all of them are stored neatly. This free design has convinced me to do more designs by ITH by Sher in the near futere. And I will browse through her blog Sher’s creative Space to find some inpiration.

P.S.: The charm of the big bag is an old token that my husband gave me, and that is perfect for this purpose.

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