Having Ballet Waltz fever

After having done the first flower ballerina by EmbroiderLibrary for halloween, my daughter had the idea that I should sew and embroider a shirt for her to honour that she dances the flower waltz with her ballet group (part of the nutcracker ballet).

Since then I am test stitching the chosen designs, to check the colour choice. The autumn flowers I have done already they are hanging in embroidery frames at her rooms wall. Of course there has to be text on the shirt as we loved the ballet letters by StitchDelight which were released as a free collectable font this summer. But now we have to answer the question what we should put onto the shirt:

  • In German „Blumenwalzer“ – as it is her mothers tongue
  • In English „Waltzing flowers“ – as English is hipp at the moment
  • In French „La valse des fleuers“ as she is dancing in Belgium with Ballet des Jeunes

We hoped that with the test stitchings the choice would be easier, but this is not the case. And what should we do now? Rolling a dice? They are all so pretty!

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