A welcome present to a new born

About half a year ago one of my friends became aunt for the first time. A big moment that had to be honored. And how does a handicraft woman can do this? Of course by making something herself!

Together with her children she wanted to sew a birth pillow for the new family mmber – what a wonderful idea! At first her plan was to applique the name. But she was afraid that the sewing of the children would not meet the high expectations of the young mother. So I offered to do the applications together with my embroidery machine. She liked this idea but it took some time for us to find a date. As we finally found together my friend had learnd that the young mother wanted something very simple. So appique was out of the question. Instead we had to look for a simple yet beautiful curved font. One and a half hour we looked through my font collection, thinking, comparing. Finally she chose a font (by Baby Kays). Then she had to chose the thread. The poor one was sweating hard until she decided to take a pretty pink colour that was a little darker than her fabric. To put the fabric into the hoop and starting the machine only took a moment and after 20 min the name was done.

We both were satiesfied with the result. Today I received her picture of the finished pillow case (thank you for letting me share it here in my blog!). Very pretty indeed! I am sure that the young mother will like it and little Clara will enjoy her present from her aunt and her two cousins for a long time.

And I like this so pillow case so much that I want to do these for us, too. At least I will put it on my project list …

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