As one thing comes to the others

As I already have discovered, I am a collector of machine embroidery designs and the designs of EmbroiderLibary I like very much. But thanks to Facebook I discovered that there are more designers and my colletors passion has grown more than I have had thought possible. Especially as almost all designers are offering free designs now and then, so that you can check the quality of the designs (and of course also, to get people hooked and lure them again and again to their pages).Therefore I have after two years several thousands (!) of embroidery designs, half of them I paid for the others were free when I got them. But still I cannot let a pretty design pass.

Why is that so? On the one hand, because a lot of designs are inspiring me for present, and on the other hand I have discovered, that there are occasions when I need a design that I have seen for free somewhere or other.
For example, the other day I wanted to gift a zipper bag to my niece (a blank by RockQueen). But all the designs I would have chosen she did not like. So she was allowed to chose from my stash and she actually chose one of the designs I got free from EmbroiderLibrary – the tree of life was free in April 2018. Of course there had to be a zipper charm and we found a fitting design in a set by RockQueen.

Well, und that is why I keep collecting. But I have resolved on trying a free design more often and of course trying designs by the newer designers.

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