My first christmas wallhanging quilt

About a year ago at this time I was kneedeep in the preparations for my second quilt workshop. About three month after my first one I had recovered enough to start preparing the next one in November. My project idea this time:  a wall hanging quilt for christmas time as I wanted to stitch the free gift series of Urban threads which I collected during last years christmas time. These had 6 designs and I needed another 6 to do the size I wanted and I had already bought a series by EmbroiderLibrary. Both sets were quite complex and had around 70.000 stitches and took almost 3 hours to stitch for the 20cm square hoop not to count the dozen thread and bobbin changes each. After having done the six designs by Urban Threads I knew that I would not finish the 6 of EmbroiderLibrary until the workshop. So I changed my plan and searched for a simpler and quicker to stitch design series. I found a nice christmas quilting series at EmbroiderLibrary with just one colour which were done in around a quarter of an hour. The evening before the workshop started I did the last of my 12 stitchouts.

With the experience of the first workshop I was certain that I would finish our seasonal wall decoration and hoped to prepare also the next project. Well, this goal was a little to high as the hanging loops took more time than I anticipated. At least the wall hanging was done by Sunday afternoon and I was happy. When we hung it at home I discovered that I had switched angel and reindeer – why did I not see this before? But now it is the way it is and will stay that way!

And I already had the project for the next workhsop in March: doing the second Christmas quilt with the complex design series by EmbroiderLibrary that I had bought and started to stitch but had to skip for time sake.

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