Packing my suitcase and taking with me … embroidered T-Shirts

Before I had a machine the children painted T-Shirts in every summer holiday. But since my machine moved in, I have to embroider T-Shirts before we go. And we are happy to have another chance this year to wear them in our short trip to Malta (designs by Urban Threads).

After having been below ground yesterday already we a had another goal there. This time we visited the Hypgeum, a neolithic burial site which was build around the same time the Egyptian pyramids and the English Stonehenge. For this excursion we had booked half a year ago. A good decision because the small amount of available tickets (10 per hour) are very sought-after. For all of us it was a impressive experience to see these 5.000 till 6.000 old subterrainian buildings and to know
– that those people build the site over a period of several hundred years with tools of stone and antlers
– that the site lay undisturbed from the extinction of that race until 1902
– that there were buried around 7.000 people
– that there is still a small heap of human bones pieces to be seen
– that it took after discovery barely a hundred years to almost destroy it completely if they had not made a great efford of conserving it.
I was not allowed to take pictures from the inside but on the official website there are some good pictures to see.

After our visit the weather had cleared off and as we had time we went to the blue grotto. This time a natural formed cave. But it was still too windy to do a boat trip.

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