Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a small crossbag

For the absolute necessary – camera and tissues – I have made an ITH-backpack (design by Dekoland). But it did not stay long as my daughter thougt it perfect for her mobile phone. A very good idea, hopefully with that she will noch lose her thing anymore. And a 500ml water bottle also fits inside. I think, I will have do do another one for me.

As the picture above shows, it is still very windy so that we cannot take the ferry to Comino. Instead we visited the film set Popyey village. Here 1980 Robert Altman made the film with Robin Williams as Popeye. It was decorated for Halloween with a show in which the children had to save Olive from her bad dreams followed by a trick-or-treat ralleye through the village. Out highlight was the haunted house trip with „real“ monsters, a rotating tunnel and crawling tunnels. What a fun day!

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