Packing my suitcase and taking with me … Mugrugs

During our summer holiday we missed our mugrugs. Now we knew that our holiday home here was having glass tables I absolutely needed to make some mugrugs. And as Halloween is in the middle of our holiday the mugrugs had to be themed Halloween (embroidery designs by FruBlomgren, Kreative Kiwi and EmbroiderLibrary). Also, the little skeleton doll (design by FruBlomgren) that Marianne  gave my children in last years autumn holiday had to accompany us. I had never believed that here on Malta Halloween is also celebrated, but indeed here are more halloween decorations than at home.

On Malta not only the people are carrying names but also the old houses have their own names. Mainly the are carrying a saint’s name as it was tradition during the crusaders’ time. And everywhere there are little pictures and statues of saints, which is quite charming.

Our little holiday home is part of the old medieval fortress of Valette with a wall of several metres width. The house is around 500 years old and is „breathing history“. We feel like living during pirates’ time (yes, I know, it were the crusaders living on Malta and not pirates but it looks like in the old films about pirates). The walls are unrendered and made out of coarsly hewn stone. The first floor with our sleeping room has a wooden floor lying on massive wooden stems. Our towels we have to dry outside in front of the window, as it is too humid inside. So when we are out the dehumidifyer is working hard. We do have a massive wooden door and glass windows but still we here people walking or talking outside as if they were inside our house. The house looks as if it has a second floor but this does not belong to it but to a house two doors uphill. Very intersting architecture. Our little lane was awarded because of all the potted plants and its cleanliness.

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