Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a shopping tote

As a child I loved to go shopping on the market on Saturday after school. Therefore I had to visit the market in Birgu (every Tuesday and Saturday) today as we needed some fruit and vegetables. Of course I had packed for this occasion my new, self-sewn Siren Tote with the turtle. There was so much to see and buy that soon my bag was filled. My dear hubby took pity on my and carried it further.

The plan for the afternoon was a visit to the historical part of Valetta, but the children had liked the visit to the beach so much that they wanted to go again. The weather forecast had predicted rain and 19-21°C, but the weather her had not taken notice of that. The sky was deep blue with no clouds and just a little breeze. So we enjoyed a very nice afternoon at an empty and clean beach. The children were bathing in the Mediterranian and building a citadelle in the sand. Meanwhile I was collecting some garbish that the sea was washing up the beach now and then in order to leave the world a little bit better than I had found it.

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