Packing my suitcase and taking with me … a beach bag

When the four of us go to the beach then we need a big bag for our picnic blanket, towels, swimsuits, drinks and all the other stuff necessary for a good stay at the beach. Of course I have several patterns for such a bag and maybe some fabric, too. But as it is the time was missing to sew and so I jazzed up our simple, blue, bought bag and took Marianne for a stroll at the beach (design by FruBlomgren). And in doing so, I brought the sun also, because the real one was hiding behind some thick clouds – but still the water was gorgous and the scenery, too. That’s why it is called Paradise Bay.

Especially remarkable was to me that not only we Germans are fond of documented good water quality but also here in Malta this is shown on a big sign – even in 5 languages.

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