A new life for old clothing

My daughter has several friends that we sew with from time to time. And the girls like it so much, that they ask for their sewing meetings. Therefore some time ago a friend of hers brought some old clothes with her and asked to use them for sewing. As a woman never has enough bags the girls decided to sew a bag – Nanes tote which is a simple but pretty bag of which I had found a hand drawn pattern in a comment of a facebook article. To be able to distinguish their identical bags there had to be an embroidery on them. They wanted a monogram and chose the free Lavendel font by Bernina Blog. Do you think they were inspired by the wonderful Lavender bushes that grow at our front door?

They were so proud of their new bag that they packed them for training and were so eager to show them off that I had no time for a good picture. I was happy to take a picture at all.

The pretty lavender letters I can imagine very good on selfmade lavender bags to put in the closet – another project idea on my list. What else could I use them for?

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